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Aikido in the other words the art of the relation

Aikido is a martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba, practiced by thousands ofpeople, male and female, of with different ages, all around the world. Aikido aims, though the martial practice, at improving the relation among people and at improving the harmonic development of every body.

The philosophy of Aikido, is based on mutual recognition, rather than on self assertion and the denial of the other. In this art the competition that glorifies the winner and umiliates the loser has no place.

Literally the meaning of the work “Aikido”is:

AI: union, unification, harmony

KI: vital energy

DO: way, perspective, research

For this reason Aikido has to be considered a research for the unification of the vital energies.

The objectives of Aikido are extremely wide and ambitious. Above all Aikido mustn’t be reduced to a set of techniques or strategies to learn how to defend oneself, even if it can be used also for the self defense.

On the contrary is important to consider it as a path developed along a way (DO), that encompasses a permanent research and an effort to improve the technique, as well as one’s physical and mental approach.

In this discipline the roles of the Uke (who attacks and undergo the technique) and of the Tori (who is attacked and applies the technique) have the same importance and have to be impersonated with the same seriousness. These two characters, even if are opposite, are deeply linked and for this reason in the advanced level the differences disappear.

Following this approach and the objectives of the discipline, every one must strive to practice this art with as many partners as possible, partners that represent different human types, for age, sex, height, weight and technique level. In fact to practice this discipline because of the affinity, could considerable limit the experiences and the opportunities.

The right attitude is the one that make us perceive that, in the difficulties and conflicts, a chance exists to develop our personal experience.

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